CEI Interns 2021

Marlene Klepatz

Marlene is originally from Germany, and is doing review of non-invasive wildlife monitoring techniques. She is currently studying in the Netherlands, earning a BSc.

Ninon Armani

My name is Ninon Armani, I am 19 years old and I am from France. I am currently attending PURPAN’s Second Year Undergraduates, a French engineering school of agricultural sciences. 

I decided to come to Canada as part of my studies but also as a personal interest.

I have always dreamed of coming to this country and when the opportunity arose, I didn’t hesitate!

When you are passionate about wild animals and interested in their preservation, the CEI is the perfect place to blossom. 

What I like about being a volunteer at the CEI is to be in contact with wild animals and doing my best to help them. We learn concrete things every day and are with experienced people.

I think it's a real chance to be here, feeding a moose and an elk everyday is quite exceptional!!

Lucie Dieuzaide

My name is Lucie, I am 20 years old, I come from the southwest of France, more precisely in Dax and I am studying in Toulouse.

 I am in 2nd year at Purpan engineering school. It is a 5-year course that allows you to study agronomy, agriculture and life sciences. In addition, it was during my studies that I decided to do this 3-month internship at CEI.

 I wanted to do this internship here because I love the contact with animals and I really wanted to make myself useful, help and share this experience with all the members of the CEI who have this dedication to help these animals and give them a second chance.